Robbie Williams "messed up" any chance of dating Kylie Minogue.

The former Take That star worked with Kylie on their 2000 single 'Kids' and he's now admitted that his attraction to her never went anywhere because he acted like a teenager with a crush whenever she was around.

During an appearance on Scott Mills' Radio 2 show 'My Life Thru A Lens', the host asked him: "You and Kylie? What was going on there?" and Robbie replied: "Not as much as I wanted to be unfortunately."

The singer then went on to explain: "I messed that up by being 13 whenever I was around her. It was like the girl from the year above me. 'I don't know how to speak to you! But she's my crush, my crush of all crushes."

Robbie went on to find love with actress Ayda Field and they are parents to four children - Teddy, nine, Charlie, seven, Coco, three, and two-year-old Beau.

During the Radio 2 show, Robbie also opened up about his exit from Take That back in 1995 and explained he was suffering a "nervous breakdown" at the time.

He told the host: "I think that I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown, my first of many. All the information going into the computer had made the computer overload.

"Things weren't great at home, things weren't great with my job, and then I was new to this phenomena of extreme fame."

The singer insisted some of his problems came from shooting to fame so suddenly when he was young.

He explained: "[I was] doing my GCSEs [exams], which I failed at, to then all of a sudden being in Japan and having 3000 fans outside and then that being the case everywhere that we go.

"It was unsafe and it was surreal and that, mixed with what I was ingesting to cope with my life and the way that my body and mind reacts to it, didn't mix well."

Robbie quit the band in the middle of the 'Nobody Else' world tour and he claims his bandmates urged him to leave before the shows ended.

He went on: "It felt like I was in some sort of burning building and I needed to get out. That's how it felt at the time. And then I was like, ''Okay, I'll do this tour and then I'll leave'. And they actually went, ''Actually, if you're going to leave, can you go now?'"

Robbie went on to launch a successful solo career but later rejoined Take That for a reunion as well as making a number of cameo appearances with the band over the years.