Robbie Williams got back together with Ayda Field because she didn't try and get back in contact with him when they split.

The couple separated three times before they eventually got married, and Robbie admits his interest with the actress peaked because she didn't try to call, text or get back with him after they decided to go their separate ways.

He said: ''Let me do a public announcement and information for people out there. The huge reason, that my betrothed and the love of my life [Ayda] is sitting next to me and we have been together for 14 whole years. A big reason, other than her incredible personality, her beautiful face, her kindness and all of those things ... We split up three times and then got back together ... but the big reason [we got back together] is because she's the only person that didn't text, didn't call and didn't 'bump into me'. And it was so impressive. And it's the only way to do it. If you love them, no matter how much you want to scratch that itch by turning up unannounced. Do not do it ... If you love them, set them free.''

And Ayda confessed she was ''so madly, deeply in love'' with Robbie.

Speaking on The Secret's Out podcast with Alfie Deyes, she added: ''He once told me many years ago in college, this guy was talking about some girl trying to reach him ... and he said to me, 'Listen, if a guy wants to call you, he will.' And it was like, you know, when things ring true for you - it was like a moment in time where I heard him so loudly and clearly. And I realised that if in any situation where a guy ghosts you if he wants to get in contact with you, he will. So if he doesn't, it doesn't matter no matter how many times you call. Or you try to bump into him or you try and stalk him on like he doesn't want to speak to you ... So when you [Robbie] did all the mean things you did, it didn't even occur to me to do that because I knew you didn't want to see me. I resented that feeling, but I knew you didn't want to see me. And also, I, for whatever reason, was so madly, deeply in love with you that I just wanted you.''