Robbie Williams has got his first mobile phone after 14 years.

The 'Let Me Entertain You' hitmaker has his own phone now, after over a decade but he has already got a warning from his wife Ayda Field that he is using the device too much.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''I have a phone now, because I didn't have a phone for a long time. Last night my wife said, 'You're on your phone too much,' and she's right. So now I've got to get off my phone, even though I'm on it now, and then I've got to find out what I'm now going to be addicted to, my new addiction. As long as it's not pills or booze or powders, I don't care. There has to be something. I put one fire out and another comes up.''

Meanwhile, the 46-year-old singer previously confessed his anxiety about not being able to see his family - Theodora, seven, Charlton, five, Colette, 20 months, and Beau, three months, and his wife, Ayda Field - amidst the coronavirus pandemic was ''apocalyptic''.

He said: ''My thought process at the time was 'I can't get to my children, I can't get to my wife. It's apocalyptic. And then the s**t hit the fan. What if the fan gets bigger and the s**t gets more and I can't get to my people?' And for those moments, and the psychic attack that comes from the media and the news, plus that I couldn't get to you, it really fed into my anxiety and I felt I was starting to get the symptoms. So I got myself a place around the corner from us and I started to feel that I got the symptoms of Covid. And I started to panic and I started to worry and in times of severe panic and worry, it's sort of like in case of emergency break glass. And when I break the glass, I get down on my knees and I pray ... So I sat down and I prayed. When I sat down and got on my knees and I prayed I heard 'stay in the love' and thought what does love mean to me? And I thought of my wife and the way she looks at me.''