Robbie Williams dressed up as Joe Exotic to do a workout.

The 48-year-old pop star has been married to 'Loose Women' panellist Ayda Field, 43, since 2010 and she explained that in lockdown they got "so obsessed" with Netflix reality series 'Tiger King' - which documented zookeeper Joe Exotic's feud with Big Cat Rescue activist Carole Baskin - that he even dressed up Joe when they were "looking for the fun" during the pandemic.

She said: "So then I started doing, what did I call it? Supermarket sweep workout. So I would take something from the fridge, like a litre of milk, and I would take stuff, like a jar of pickles and a bottle of water and create funny little workouts on Instagram like home workouts. Five minute arms or 10 minute legs and I would use things in your kitchen where you needed no equipment. We became huge binge watchers of TV during the process, just watching literally any sh** that was out there. And we got really obsessed with Tiger King, as did many people. So we did a Tiger King workout. So I had Rob dressed as Joe Exotic. Also, because Rob's got his tiger pants. Just like you with all the outfits and the disco ball already in the living room, like we've already got tiger pants so we just did this silly tiger themed workout. Rob was wearing a cowboy hat and tiger pants and cowboy boots. I think I was wearing animal print. I think it was looking for the fun and looking to give other people the fun. And in doing so, giving ourselves fun. Fun is therapy, man."

Meanwhile, the former 'X Factor' judge - who has Teddy, nine, Charlie, seven, Coco, three, and two-year-old Beau with the 'Rock DJ' hitmaker - also revealed that her husband is "addicted to technology" and often sleeps with his MacBook in their bed.

Speaking on her 'Postcards from the Edge' podcast, she added: "In defence of his very irregular sleep pattern, he doesn't get to bed until five in the morning or four in the morning because he's like radio Rob in his head. And he's looking up things - like my husband actually sleeps with the computer. He cradles it like a security blanket. It's the threesome we're having. It's me, Rob, and our leather MacBook. There are times when I whacked myself on the computer in the night or he flicks it off the bed and there's this huge, loud crash and I'm jumped. Because you know, because of his addictions he can't take sleeping pills, he can't take anything to go to bed. I think his addiction is really technology now, you know, he will always find something. So he's on YouTube. He'll [look up and watch] podcasts, but really YouTube music, interviews, comedy. People listening might think that me and Rob have these like really rock and roll evenings and there's like all this, like, sexy, cool stuff happening. This is what's actually happening. "

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