Robbie Williams compares himself to Jesus in a new song.

The 46-year-old pop star has penned the as-yet-untitled track during the coronavirus lockdown and at one stage in the song, he draws a parallel between himself and the central figure of Christianity.

Robbie's lyrics read, according to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''I am the mountain, I'm the storm.

''I'm those hellish nights when I was keeping you warm. I'm a working-class Jesus, working on believers.''

Robbie has also discussed the track on Instagram Live, revealing that his record company has urged him to calm down amid the lockdown.

He shared: ''The record company and the management are going, 'Stop it!'

''I wrote five songs last week. There's something in the air. I found it incredibly easy to write.

''I've been writing with a guy called Oli Swan. He's very talented and very kind.

''I only hope that there are things that exist called albums by the time that comes out. Albums down the sh***er, streaming's made it grimmer.''

Meanwhile, Robbie previously confessed that at one stage in his life, he was ''unable to leave the sofa'' for three years as he battled agoraphobia.

The chart-topping star admitted the anxiety disorder - which causes people to avoid places or situations that may trigger panics - left him housebound for years.

He shared: ''My career had gone stratospheric and taken me to Mars, and I needed some time to get my equilibrium back and get myself back together. It was my body and mind telling me I shouldn't go anywhere, that I couldn't do anything. It was telling me to just wait - so I literally just sat and waited.

''I was agoraphobic from around 2006 to 2009. Those years were just spent wearing a cashmere kaftan, eating Kettle Chips, growing a beard and staying in.''