Robbie Williams has claimed Beady Eye just ''weren't very good''.

The 'Angels' hitmaker - who was due to return to his own Las Vegas residency this summer - has taken a shot at former Oasis bandmates Liam and Noel Gallagher and insisted the two brothers never really made it in America.

Speaking to motivational speaker Chris Thrall on YouTube, he said: ''This is what we have in the UK, we see our UK prism with our celebrities as this must be happening worldwide because it's happening here.

''It's not happening outside of the UK.

''Liam did Beady Eye and, to be honest, the songs weren't very good, it's as simple as that. The idea and concept of that whole thing wasn't very good.''

Robbie also hit out at Oasis themselves, insisting the 'Don't Look Back In Anger' group weren't able to find the same level of success on the other side of the pond.

He added: ''Oasis had a decent career in America, not a massive career.

''Noel did a double thing with Snow Patrol in America, playing reasonable-sized venues, nothing gigantic, nothing to be ashamed about either, but not on a level that does anything but make fortysomethings very happy, which his music does.

''It's not true that he's massive in America, he's just done well. Liam isn't one of the biggest stars worldwide.''

While only three Oasis albums - '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?', 'Be Here Now' and 'Dig Out Your Soul' - ranked above number 12 in the US, they still hit the number four, two and five spots respectively, although every LP topped the charts in the UK.

Meanwhile, 'Wonderwall' is the only single to land at number one in the Billboard Hot 100, but 'Live Forever' and 'Champagne Supernova' both did well in the Alternative Songs listing.

Robbie did pay some compliments to Liam for his solo career, admitting while they ''have beef'' he still respects everything he has done.

He explained: ''I know that we have beef and all that but then Liam did a solo career and I think people wanted him to have that solo career.

''He went and worked with proper songwriters that do songwriting for a living, that craft verses, choruses and middle eights really, really well.

''He writes a great lyric, he does great melodies and he is the voice of a generation.''