Robbie Williams and Ayda Field were once threatened with being beheaded in Haiti.

The loved-up couple have revealed details of the terrifying threat, which occurred while they were working for a charity in the country following the devastating earthquake a decade ago.

Recalling the incident on the 'Postcards from the Edge' podcast, Robbie said: ''I got threatened to be beheaded in Haiti.

''We were going out there to help. I was like, 'Should we go to the next street then?' And looking back, it was scary.''

Ayda added: ''I was with you, I too was being threatened to be beheaded as well.''

The couple had flown into the country to help Unicef after the Caribbean country was hit by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake in 2010.

According to humanitarian organisation World Vision International, the natural disaster claimed the lives of around 250,000 people, with around 1.5 million losing their homes.

Robbie had travelled to the port town of Jacmel for two days to witness the devastation first hand.

He said at the time: ''As we walked around Jacmel on the first day, it's hard to explain in words the massive and devastating impact that the earthquake clearly had - it's a whole different league from what I had imagined I would see.

''It was almost unbelievable, like a movie set. Cars completely crushed - some still poking out from underneath the buildings that have fallen on top of them.''

Meanwhile, Ayda recently revealed she's stopped drinking alcohol and has cut sugar out of her diet during the coronavirus lockdown.

She explained: ''It's just really hard for me, because I love, love sugar - but I'm also aware about how bad it is.

''So I've been really trying to navigate that in quarantine and be the cleanest I've been in a really long time. I haven't been drinking alcohol, which is something I enjoy but because of this pact with my mother I've not been drinking alcohol.

''So these past few days, I've noticed a correlation between drinking alcohol, abusing food and feeling really bad about myself - which is A, B and C. But I will say that, f**k me, sugar is fun!''