Robbie Williams and Ayda Field have cancelled their vow renewal ceremony, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The couple - who tied the knot in 2010 and have four children together - had planned to celebrate their anniversary by renewing their vows this year but Robbie, 46, revealed it is postponed until the global health crisis eases.

He told The Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I don't think this year because we would like to do that in front of lots of people. We would like our friends to be there.

''I am excited having achieved it and becoming the person I thought I might be with the person that I meet. That is incredible and I would love to celebrate that occasion.

''It is more momentous than any of the records sold or Brits won or the massive tours. It is more important than that and bigger that I have actually achieved that and been a good boy and a good husband.''

''So am I looking forward to it? Nah. When it arrives will I enjoy that moment? Yes, I will.''

Robbie also gushed over his children, Teddy, seven, Charlie, five, Coco, 22-months, and six-month-old Beau, with Ayda.

He said: ''I thought these strangers were going to come and ruin the party. And the opposite of that has happened. The universe leaves you these blanks you don't know you need to fill. And you have to tick the box on the human experience. And you do not know they are blanks until you experience everything.

''When the children come these blanks are filled. And you go, 'oh wow. I am at a different level. I have achieved a level family'.''