Pop favourite Robbie Williams has accidentally landed himself in a spot of bother after flirting with a fan who turned out to be just fifteen years old during a recent gig in Australia.

Former Take That star and evergreen solo artist Williams, 41, was performing in Brisbane on Saturday night (October 17th) as part of his extensive ‘Let Me Entertain You Tour’, which is currently on its final leg in Australia and New Zealand. The singer started interacting with the crowd, picking out a female fan near the front and began speaking to her and complimenting her appearance.

Robbie WilliamsRobbie Williams performing during the 'Let Me Entertain You' world tour

“I love the secretary look with the glasses and the hair. Which reminds me, I really do need to clear my browsing history on my computer before my wife [Ayda] sees it,” he joked. “How old are you, Morgan?”

“Fifteen,” the girl replied, revealing that she was attending the gig with her mother to celebrate her birthday. “Fifteen?! Oh s***!” he said, looking at the audience.

“Don’t put that up on YouTube! Then it’ll be in the newspapers and then I’ll get arrested.”

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Which, obviously, was later posted on YouTube by a fan. Fortunately, the crowd seemed to see the funny side of the incident, and Williams continued: “Are you here with your mum? Hi mum, uncle Rob here.”

Williams then finally attempted to row back from his comments, saying to the audience: “How do you dig yourself out of that one? Stay away from boys like me, Morgan!” Finally, he slightly awkwardly dedicated his massive 1999 hit ‘She’s The One’ to the fan and her mother.

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