Robbie Williams would sleep with another man for £2 million.

The 'Angels' singer - who is happily married to actress Ayda Field - was asked during a two-hour website how much money he would want to have gay sex and he joked it wouldn't be as much as everyone thought.

He said during the chat, which took place with close friends and Ayda: "I've got a controversial question. How much would it cost for you to sleep with a man? It's got to be your minimum if a man comes to you and says name your figure."

While his friends said payments of around £5million, Robbie interrupted and said: "I've thought, I'm coming in, £2million."

When Ayda suggested he had "Undercut the competition" he added: "You never know what could come of this, babe you could be having a new car in the New Year.

"You never know, let's keep our fingers crossed. I'm the cheapest."

However, the Take That star admits he would sleep with Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt for free.

He quipped: "Brad can negotiate. It's £2m for Santa, but it's a freebie for Brad Pitt. How much would I have to pay him?"

While he joked about sleeping with a man, Robbie, 37, is extremely happy with Ayda and he is determined to be an even better husband to her in 2012.

Speaking on his Radio Rudebox online show, he said: "My resolutions, I want to be a better husband. I want to be a better guy and I want to be as happy as I can be. I also wanna get really fit next year, I have got an album coming out and I want to look the best pop star I can look at that time.

"So there will be OCD running up hills I think. I am going to ask for happiness, that is all you need."