Robbie Williams and Ayda Field have been enjoying ''formal Fridays'' whilst in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple - who have Teddy, seven, Charlie, five, Coco, 20 months, and Beau, four months, together - are currently stuck at home and unable to leave the house except for essentials during the global health crisis, but have found a unique way of keeping themselves entertained which involves dressing up in their finest clothes once a week to pretend they're going out to a fancy event.

Ayda explained: ''[Robbie] suggested the formal Fridays. And actually, it was a brilliant excuse to practise some self care. And it's actually been kind of a mood lifter because not only do we put on nicer clothes or, AKA clothes with buttons and zippers or shoes that don't have fleece inside of them, but on top of it, we put perfume on and in your case, your cactus fragrance. And we strut a bit and the kids get dressed up. It kind of feels like a little mini party at the house every time we do it.''

Robbie was supposed to be out on tour this year but had to cancel plans because of the virus, and whilst he was disappointed at first, he's now grateful he's had more time with his family.

He added: ''You know I would have been to Vegas, I would have been to Germany, Australia, I would have been in all of these places in the last 7 weeks and I'm very grateful for my job and the ability to be able to do it. I love my job but I'm also very, very grateful for the fact that in those 7 weeks I've actually just been with you and I've actually just been with the kids and I don't know whether there would have been a period in my life from now until I pass this mortal coil where I get to actually do that for this length of time - so I'm grateful.''

And when they're not dressing up, Ayda confessed she's been spending her time reading stories about her husband.

Speaking on the second episode of their joint podcast, '(Staying) at Home with the Williamses', she said: ''I don't check you out but in quarantine I am kind of looking for things to occupy my time sometimes so I stumble upon them. I can't help it if you're the first thing I scroll on and I can't help it if it's a picture of you in tiger pants and then it's something about I don't know, UFOs and Liam Gallagher, I have to pause.''