The Matchbox Twenty frontman postponed a series of solo concerts this summer (15) after revealing he and his partner, Marisol Maldonado, were "going through a bit of a rough patch" after doctors spotted "what seems to be a lesion" on the base of her brain.

Announcing the news on social media in July (15), Thomas wrote, "We are being cautiously optimistic that this is something we caught early and can take care of in the near future but, as I'm sure you can all understand, we had to temporarily postpone some of the tour dates so that we can focus only on this for a while.

"While this is all we are focused on right now, we will get through it and be able to share many more moments together and with all of you in the future. Thanx (sic) for your love and understanding."

Thomas tells his wife had the surgery earlier this month (Sep15) and now she's "at home recovering".

He adds, "We're hoping for the best. We don't know what's gonna happen. We're just glad the surgery went well. She has great doctors; she has a bunch of people supporting her."