Actor Rob Lowe quit drama series The West Wing because he felt slighted by the show's creator, Aaron Sorkin, over the size of his role and the money he was making.

Lowe was irked when his role as a WHITE HOUSE staffer in the hit TV show was cut back and he continued to take home $70,000 (GBP43,750) an episode, while co-star Martin Sheen, who plays the president, got a raise to $300,000 (GBP187,500) a show.

Lowe tells America's TV GUIDE, "Why didn't (Sorkin) know how much I loved him, how much I loved that show? Why didn't he love me like I loved him? It's weird, considering it's another man, but that's as close as I can put it."

Lowe also says the show would not accommodate requests for time off. He recalls a meeting at which producers scolded him for an attendance record that showed he'd been late a total of 17 hours.

He adds, "I was spied on. No other cast member had a meeting like that."

Though his decision to leave earlier this year (03) was seen as a bad career move, Lowe landed on his feet as star and executive producer of new legal drama THE LYON'S DEN.

06/10/2003 03:18