Rob Lowe messed up a potential romance with Sarah Jessica Parker when he took his girlfriend along with him for their first date.
The oblivious actor had no idea the meeting between the two young stars was supposed to be a blind date and still considers what might have been.
He recalls, "(Our agents) arranged a meeting just so we could sort of get to know one another and I stupidly brought my girlfriend because I didn't realise it was potentially, maybe a matchmaking thing."
The former The West Wing star admits he and Parker have become friends over the years and they still laugh about their first meeting.
And the actress recently scolded him when he wrote about their failed blind date in his new memoir - because he got her eye colour wrong.
He adds, "I said that Sarah has brown eyes. It was my biggest flaw in the book. How could I have missed it? (She has) blue eyes... She sent a message to me: 'How can you say my eyes are brown?' Sorry Sarah."