Another teaser trailer ahead of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s new reality TV show ‘Rob & Chyna’ shows the couple having a big argument over secret text messages.

The long-awaited reality show, documenting the early months of the couple’s relationship and their journey to becoming parents and getting married, hits E! this weekend, and a new clip was released to the internet ahead of the premiere. It shows 29 year old Rob and 28 year old Chyna arguing after she catches him going through her text messages.

“I don't know, what does the name say,” the model yells back at him, “and why are you even in my phone?”

Rob Kardashian Blac ChynaRob Kardashian and Blac Chyna in 2016

“Who's this hitting your phone over and over?” Kardashian asks, then accusing her of locking him out of the phone. “And your password's not the same as it was.”

“Because maybe last time you went through my phone. And why you keep picking up my phone like you don't trust me? That's really whack,” Chyna is heard saying to him.

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“It's not that it's just I don't get why you even care if I go through your phone,” Rob says back, before Chyna points out that she could be having private conversations with her mother that she might not want viewers to know about.

Chyna, who already has three year old son King Cairo with her ex-boyfriend Tyga (who now dates Chyna’s future sister-in-law Kylie Jenner) then speaks to the camera in private.

“I don't even understand why Rob would even think that I'm doing anything wrong. I'm four months pregnant, I have two businesses that I'm running, I'm with King and I literally don't leave the house so what could I possibly be doing?”

'Rob & Chyna' begins on Sunday September 11th, on 9pm ET on E! network.

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