Rob da Bank Q&A and Competition

14 October 2004

Rob da Bank Q&A

Rob da Bank Q&A and Competition

Lynx/ Axe Rob da Bank Q&A

How did you get into DJing?

I started getting into music when I was at college. Music seemed to be the one thing I was bang into, from playing the trombone in brass bands to being good at music in general. It was the only thing I had a passion for. I started writing for a music magazine and was there for 7 years, slowly working my way up. It was from here that I started Djing more and more, and in 1995 I started Sunday Best. Music ended up taking over from journalism.

Tell us a bit about what you have been up to recently?

It has been a crazy 6 months. I have just got back from Ibiza where we have been playing throughout the summer. The parties went really well. It was our second summer promoting free parties, and people on the island have said they are the saviour of the true Ibizan spirit. The first ever Bestival Festival took place in September, which was amazing. Some people are calling it the best festival of the summer. It is the latest project coming from the Sunday Best stable. The record label is also going from strength to strength with the critically-acclaimed debut album by Grand National, my own debut artist album as Lazyboy created with Mr Dan. I have also just released a new compilation with Sanctuary, titled ‘Blue Balearic’. The compilation is a reflection of my now weekly Radio 1 show.

Can you tell us a bit about your Radio 1 show, The Blue Room?

The Blue Room has been going for about 2 1/2 years on Radio One, which is weird as radio is the one thing I never thought I would do. It started out as a small niche show and has grown so quickly. There are now around 300,000 people who listen to the show all over the world, which is incredible. It is a great feeling to be able to reach that many people.

Are you looking forward to playing in the Arctic?

Rob da Bank Q&A and Competition
Rob da Bank Q&A and Competition
Rob da Bank Q&A and Competition
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Yes, I am very excited about this event. It is always great to be able to play in unusual locations at exclusive, one off events. I love the Scandinavian vibe too - they really seem to get my music. It will be fantastic to play under the Northern Lights - I have never seen them before and am excited about that.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to lie down for a few weeks! It has been a mad year, but fantastic. We hope to continue to grow Sunday Best, the festival was a huge success and we hope to take this all over the world and we want to continue playing at some of the best and most exciting parties.

You have travelled the world with your career, where would you say the best place that you have DJ’d is?

In terms of crowd’s Uruguay – they love to party all day and night. But in terms of consistency, the UK. There are loads of great places and venues to play and everyone is always up for it.

When you play which country is most up for partying 24-7?

In the summer, Ibiza – its full of people wanting to party non stop especially the British and the crazy South Americans

How did you feel when you were asked to play at the prestigious Lynx Base 24-7?

Excited! Playing at Lynx Base 24-7 is the kind of thing you only get to do once in a lifetime and know you will never get to do again. I love crazy outlandish gigs

You know it is going to be freezing – how are you going to deal with the cold?

Take my wife! Alternatively I am going to invest in some fur lined fingerless gloves so my fingers don’t fall off

Will your records be ok?

I think so. They have melted before in hot weather. I am praying they don’t freeze and go brittle. That would be a nightmare

What essential items will you be bringing to Lynx Base 24-7?

Legwarmers, records, thermal underwear and a Lynx deodorant – so I don’t get too hot and sweaty under my snow suit

You’re more used to sunny festivals than sub zero conditions - Which do you think you will prefer?

Actually, although I spend a large amount of time DJing in hot countries, I am not a sun worshipper. I am looking forward to doing a chilly gig. It will make a nice change.

Have you ever been in an outdoor hot tub, raced huskies or ridden a snow mobile?

No but I am looking forward to doing all three at the same time

You’re going to get a chance to play under the breathtaking Northern lights – how do you think that will compare to the bright lights of a nightclub?

I don’t think there will be much comparison. I am really looking forward to seeing them and to playing underneath them

As a world renowned DJ you have must have had women throwing themselves at you all the time, what is your favourite nationality of women?

I am glad we are going to Sweden because Scandinavian women are definitely the prettiest crowd

Are you looking forward to meeting and greeting some of Europe’s finest women at the event?

Anything to keep me warm….

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