Review of You Are My Home Album by Rivulets

Album review of 'You Are My Home' by Rivulets.

Rivulets You Are My Home Album

The Rivulets is Nathan Admunson's solo project and he is described as an artist who creates 'cold and uplifting' music. However, 'You Are My Home' is nothing other than dreary, boring and verging on difficult listening.

Admunsons vocals are almost too leisurely and monotone to enjoy. There is little passion in his voice and only occasionally does he hit the perfect sound. This becomes obvious in the opening two tracks. The albums title track is the first glimpse of the potential in his vocals. It's a haunting, beautiful ballad which builds slowly up from almost silence to a finale of strings and electric guitar.

However, this is the only highlight of the album. Half way through is a instrumental ('Motioning') which is repetitive and seemingly pointless. The second half of the album picks up with more up-tempo songs such as the surprisingly enjoyable 'Greenhouse.' What makes the album even more unlistenable is that as soon as you begin to feel something better is about to start it reverts back to the old.

Understandably the album has been made with Admunsons vocals the main attraction. However, the vocals are the downfall of the songs which lyrically are beautiful in parts. It's disappointing that there is no enjoyment to be had in his songwriting ability.

Kelda Manley

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