Review of Pressure and Time Album by Rival Sons

Rival Sons are a band who inspire conflicting feelings. On the one hand, their album cover is hideous, and their songs offer nothing new or original. In spite of this, however, they are incredibly good at what they do, which is delivering high octane, blues infused, 1970s style rock'n'roll songs. And if that's what you are after, Pressure and Time delivers in spades.

Rival Sons Pressure and Time Album

The album kicks off with the frantic riff rock of All Over the Road. The musicianship on offer here is fantastic, from the solid four-on-the-floor rhythms, the blistering guitar work and Jay Buchanan's jaw dropping vocal delivery. Think hay day Robert Plant and you're close.

Elsewhere, we are treated to White Noise, which embraces psychedelia reminiscent of Wolfmother. These guys are not just one trick ponies. They have learnt their craft and it shows. This rocks. Even the slower, more tender moments rock, like the album closing ballad Face of Light, which fits perfectly at the end of the album; it's like the little cuddle at the end to show they mean it after nine songs about shagging.

Overall, Pressure and Time does not have a single bad song on it. Taking cues from Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother and The Black Keys, Rival Sons walk a well-trodden path but the results are great. Rival Sons are fast becoming a band to keep an eye on.

Ben Walton

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