Rita Ora is tired of being compared to Rihanna.

The platinum haired singer is upset by constantly being likened to the 'Diamonds' singer, and being referred to as the UK's answer to the Barbadian beauty.

She told the Scotsman newspaper: ''Urgh, that old thing. That's still going on in 2013? Please, let's think of something else. How about the new Gwen Stefani?''

Despite her being compared to Rihanna, Rita is a much bigger fan of No Doubt singer Gwen, and often pays tribute to her style through her blonde hair and slick of red lipstick.

Rita, 22 added: ''She's one of my idols. I love her a lot, and I'll wear the comparison high on my shoulder. I like anyone who can be confident with themselves.''

Rita - who is currently preparing to release the US version of her debut, album 'Ora' - is hoping to move away from being compared to other people as people recognise her as a star in her own right.

She explained: ''To tell the truth, I don't take much notice of it now. I mean, it's a compliment, Rihanna is very hot. It's better than being compared to someone s**t.

''But gradually you do get to the point where, well, my album is out, the tour is out, and it's all me. Rita. We really need to move on.''