The appointment of Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw to this year’s X Factor has definitely divided opinion but what cannot be denied is that their addition has created a lot of publicity for the talent show.

Rita OraRita Ora as a new X Factor judge has not been warmly received by everyone

Good and bad, there have been a lot of thoughts and viewpoints over popstar Ora and radio DJ Grimshaw taking the two spare judges chairs but it seems that when it comes to really negative criticism, Rita Ora simply can’t ignore it.

Following a particularly negative column on her recruitment by Mirror columnist Polly Hudson, Ora hit back on Twitter with three simple words: Suck My D**k.

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The review of Ora joining The X Factor was particularly scathing, describing the decision to give her a job as "completely baffling madness".

Hudson did not stop there, however, and continued: "She’s even less musically revered than Cheryl (which takes some doing), dull, desperate and literally The Voice’s sloppy seconds.

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"Apparently her acts were the first eliminated from the BBC snoozefest too - so she was the biggest loser on a complete failure of a programme which she chose to do instead of The X Factor last year because "the respect levels for this show are really high"."

While Ora was not able to leave the very unflattering comments at first, she has since taken her tweet down to avoid giving the article publicity.

Unfortunately, it seems that gesture is a bit too late.