Rita Ora ''doesn't care'' if A$AP Rocky's single 'Better Things' was aimed at her.

The 'Poison' hitmaker had nothing but praise for her former beau - who penned a song about their sex life - saying she ''loves what he does'' but she thinks the 'Fashion Killa' rapper shouldn't disregard women like he did in the song.

She said: ''I love what he does, I like how, you know, he looks dope, whatever. But for me, it's not about me. It's about what people think they can get away with about speaking about women.''

The 24-year-old blonde beauty might not have been upset by the explicit lyrics, but she wanted to make it known that it's not ''Ok'' to talk about women like that.

She told New York's HOT 97FM: ''I'm not looking at it like, 'You're upsetting me,' cos I don't actually give a shit. I really don't care what you got to say I got all this going on, like I got stuff going on in my own life. I got my own career to think about.''

The 'X Factor' judge also said that her career is the most important thing in her life.

She added: ''Like you and me both know I care about my business more than anything. So, I actually don't care, you know what I'm saying? But I think about it, and I'm like, 'I don't want people to think it's OK to speak about women like that.'''