Rita Ora says Jake Gyllenhaal made it ''very easy'' for her to act with him in upcoming film 'Southpaw'.

The singer has a role in the boxing drama and she admits Jake - who plays pugilist Billy Hope - was very helpful on set and gave her lots of advice which she took on board as she starts off her acting career.

Speaking about working with the Hollywood hunk, Rita told Germany's Glamour magazine: ''It was an incredible experience! Jake made it very easy for me. The role that I play, is indeed very far away from my real life. But this role made me see a few things differently now.''

The pop beauty has made a few movie appearances now, with her most recent being in erotic thriller 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

Rita admits she was very nervous when shooting her scenes for the box office smash and needed a ''lot of coaching''.

She explained: ''To be honest I needed a lot of coaching and some speech training, because I had to have a certain accent. It was really great to go into a completely different world, but it was not always easy.''

Rita, 24, enjoyed working on both films so much she is determined to continue acting and is hoping to land some bigger roles soon.

She said: ''I would like to continue working as an actress.''

'Southpaw' is directed by Antoine Fuqua and as well as Jake and Rita it also stars Rachel McAdams, Naomie Harris, Forest Whitaker and Tyrese Gibson. It is scheduled for a July 2015 release.