Rita Ora is apparently on the move out of her swanky west London apartment after her neighbours complained that she was too noisy to live near, according to The Sun. If the rumours are true, the 'Shine Ya Light' singer has been asked to find somewhere different to live after disgruntled, and probably sleep-deprived, neighbours complained to the landlord about wild, all night parties.

Rita Ora
Rita Was Rapped For The Racket.

"Rita is on the move after some complaints about noise in her last place," said a source who added "Rita has been told about the noise before but she ignored it and now the landlord says she has to go. This isn't the first time she's been threatened with eviction but it's much more serious now. Rita lives in a nice building with a lot of older neighbours who aren't happy with her."

Rita Ora Turban
Time To Actually Buy A Place Rather Than Rent.

However, if Rita is moving out, it seems she'll work the situation to her favour by finally moving into the property buying market. "She has already been looking at houses and wants to buy a proper home for the first time. She thinks a new home would be the perfect way to celebrate such a successful year," the source revealed.

Rita Ora Jourdan Dunn
We Can't Imagine Why Anyone Would Accuse Her Of Being A Wild Neighbour...

The 23 year-old Serbian star's career is indeed going from strength to strength as she celebrates being named Musician of the Year at the Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Awards last month after three hit singles and a chart-topping album. The 'R.I.P' singer is also enjoying a strong relationship with DJ Calvin Harris who recently flew 5,000 miles from Los Angeles to make Rita's birthday party for the evening before jetting off again to Sydney the next day to play at a festival.

Let's hope her new place is soundproofed...or at least ten miles away from the next house!