The Forever hitmaker features on the pop star's new track Body On Me, but his involvement has sparked an outcry among fans who are unhappy about his 2009 assault on his then-girlfriend, fellow singer Rihanna.

Ora has been been bombarded with nasty messages from angry users, who have branded the singer a "traitor to women" and accused her of romanticising domestic abuse.

However, in an interview with U.K. radio station Free, Ora has now explained why she wanted to work with Brown, saying, "His voice really suited this record, and I approached it with just that in mind. I really just went into this collaboration with a clear mind of what vocally will sound the best, and what musically works. That, to me, made the most sense."

Referring to the criticism that she has done a disservice to women by working with a man who has been convicted of a domestic violence offence, she adds, "I've been such a supporter of females for such a long time, you know, look at any of my interviews. I think the song speaks for itself."