Rita Ora is a ''perfectionist''.

The 'I Will Never Let You Down' hitmaker has revealed she expects a lot of herself and often worries about what others expect of her too.

She said: ''I expect a lot of myself. I'm a little perfectionist. If I worried about the expectations of others on top of that, I think I would probably go crazy.''

And whilst she tries not to pay attention to what most people think, there is one special person she looks to for advice - her mother.

Despite trying to adopt her positivity, the 24-year-old singer insists she is just like a ''normal'' young lady, who suffers ups and downs, something which she tries to show in her use of social media.

She told the German edition of Glamour magazine: ''Social media needs to be handled delicately. It's easy to forget just how many people are following you on there.

''You have to learn what to say and when to hold back. But that's just a part of me right now, sharing my life with others on a daily basis - it's part of my job.''

Rita also revealed details of her new album, citing Gwen Stefani and Bob Marley as inspirations for the LP and hopes the album will show fans how she has matured.