Rita Ora's album launch event was delayed by an hour after police arrested a man on suspicion of criminal damage.

The 32-year-old singer launched her comeback record at PRIZM nightclub in Kingston, southwest London last week but before Rita could take to the stage, police apprehended a man "on suspicion of criminal damage".

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Whatever his motivation, it caused a huge scene — it’s very scary when someone seems totally uncontrollable in a crowd.

“They were already inside the venue but nobody was quite sure what he wanted to achieve — as soon as he started behaving suspiciously the police piled in.”

A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police said: "One male was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage in a toilet area at the venue."

However, the incident did not seem to affect Rita, who took to Instagram after her performance to thank fans for their support.

She said: "That was amazing.

“Playing these new songs live for you has been something else I’ve been dreaming about for so long.

“Thanks to everyone that’s come down to these intimate shows.”

Rita was supported at the gig by her husband Taika Waititi, 47, who worked with her on some of the videos for the album 'You and I'.

Speaking on 'This Morning' earlier in the week, Rita said: "I’ve got a husband! Can you believe it? It’s so weird working with him but so fun.

“A lot of people say we look alike, can you see it? My friends say it, I did not do that intentionally.

"He really does have this great knowledge about music as well as film and books. He just expanded my creativity in a natural way which I am grateful for."