Oscar winner Rita Moreno vowed never to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman years ago because she feared the top-rated U.S. late night chat show host was uncomfortable around women like her.

The West Side Story star, who was a regular on The Tonight Show when beloved Tv great Johnny Carson was host, admits she is not a fan of Letterman and hates watching his show when he is interviewing women.

She tells Access Hollywood Live, "I would never go on with what's his name (Letterman)... because I think he's very uncomfortable with women. I don't think, I know. I can see it. You have to behave in a certain way with him... in order to get him to react in some way, so that would make me really nervous; it's a huge burden."

The actress only has to endure a few months of Letterman on Tv as the small screen veteran is stepping down as the host of The Late Show in May (15), and handing over the reins to funnyman Stephen Colbert.

Meanwhile, Moreno admits she did not enjoy appearing on Johnny Carson's shows either, adding, "I was very nervous. I hated doing the show. I'm no good at that... There was enormous pressure to be terrific every time and if you're a woman that's not as easy.

"He was uncomfortable too, with women. If I'd had a choice I would have not done The Tonight Show but I felt I had to; my agent said, 'You must do this!'"