Veteran actress Rita Moreno is getting animated to star in a new children's Tv show.

The Oscar-winning West Side Story star will lend her voice to Nina's World as grandmother Abuelita, who helps to guide her granddaughter, the titular character, through childhood and teach her about her Hispanic culture.

Acting newcomer Isabella Farrier will play young Nina, while Michele Lepe will voice her mother.

The series is a spin-off of The Good Night Show, which Lepe currently hosts, and will air on NBC Universal's Sprout network next year (15), according to

Network president Sandy Wax writes in a statement: "Rita Moreno is a living legend, and it's fantastic to welcome her to Sprout's family.

"We know that she will bring her character to life as no one else could - she embodies all of the spirit and energy that Abuelita brings to Nina's World while maintaining an authenticity to the character's Hispanic background."

Nina's World won't be Moreno's first role in a children's project - she previously voiced blue MACaw Aunt Mimi in Rio 2 earlier this year (14), while she was also a key member of the cast of The Electric Company, a 1970s educational programme for kids.