Ringo Starr becomes the second beatle to be knighted at Buckingham Palace as he is named Sir Richard Starkey by the Duke of Cambridge. It's a huge achievement for the drummer, though it's admittedly a long time coming. And he knows exactly when he'll be wearing his new medal.

Ringo Starr pictured with Paul McCartneyRingo Starr pictured with Paul McCartney

The 77-year-old Knight Bachelor was awarded one of the highest honours the UK has to offer its citizens for his services to music this week, having been informed of his recognition back in December as part of the 2018 New Year Honours. 

'It means a lot actually', he told the BBC yesterday (March 20th 2018). 'It means recognition for the things we've done. I was really pleased to accept this.'

He and his bandmates had already been presented with MBEs back in 1965, but this time Ringo had to address the royals alone. He admitted it left him 'a bit shaky'.

In 1997, fellow Beatle Paul McCartney was also knighted, though both John Lennon and George Harrison passed away before they could be invested. Paul also has an Order of the Companions of Honour which was given to him in the 2017 Birthday Honours. His advice to Ringo for his own regal ceremony? 'Keep smiling'. 


The honour is still something Sir Ringo needs to get his head around, but he adds that he is thoroughly expecting the media to address him by his new title.

'It's new and I don't know how you use it properly', he confessed. 'I expect you to use it.'

On the other hand, he does have an idea what to do with his shiny new medal. 'I'll be wearing it at breakfast', he said. 

Ringo's other accolades include a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He also has a minor planet named after him, 4150 Starr, discovered in 1984 by Brian A. Skiff at the Lowell Observatory. 

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Other honorees at this week's ceremony were authors Jilly Cooper and Michael Morpurgo, rugby stars Ian McLauchlan and Sam Warburton, and a foster carer from Sheffield named Anne Shaw.