Sir Ringo Starr is set to release his new EP on September 24.

The 81-year-old icon recorded all of his new tracks at his Roccabella West studio, just as he did for his 'Zoom In' EP, and Ringo has revealed he's joined forces with "some new friends" for the record.

He shared: "I've been saying I only want to release EPs at this point and this is the next one. What a blessing it's been during this year to have a studio here at home and be able to collaborate with so many great musicians, some I've worked with before and some new friends."

The lead single 'Let's Change The World' is an optimistic track that features backing vocals from Amy Keys, Zelma Davis, Billy Valentine and Darryl Phinnessee.

Another of the tracks, 'Just That Way', sees Ringo join forces with the likes of Tony Chen and Zho Davis.

'Coming Undone' represents Ringo's first collaboration with Linda Perry, who wrote the new track, while 'Rock Around The Clock' sees Ringo work with guitarist Joe Walsh.

'Change The World' launches on September 24 but is already available for pre-order.

Meanwhile, Ringo celebrated turning 81 in July and he recently credited his vegetarian diet with helping him keep his youthful looks.

He said: "I know, at my age. I just get up in the morning and this is what you get.

"I tend to work out and keep as busy as I can. I’m a vegetarian, I eat lots of berries, lots of fruit and lots of vegetables and salad."

And despite the tried and tested method of getting plenty of beauty sleep to stay youthful, Ringo admitted he actually hates going to bed early.

He added: "I don’t like to go to bed before midnight."