Ringo Starr loves Twitter.

The legendary musician - who was one of The Beatles with late stars John Lennon and George Harrison and Sir Paul McCartney - made a conscious decision to get involved on social media platforms to spread his message of ''peace and love''.

Although he has to deal with some trolls it ''doesn't bother'' him because he accepts his views are not universally shared.

The 75-year-old drummer told The Independent newspaper: ''I am trying to move into the modern world. I love Twitter! I love it because some of them love me and some of them don't! But that doesn't bother me at all.''

Ringo believes many Twitter trolls are just ''miserable people'' with too much time on their hands and he's not going to let some angry keyboard warriors deter him from spreading The Beatles' message of peace.

He explained: ''Some of them are just miserable people who have got nothing better to do. And I'm still spreading peace and love.''

What's more, Ringo revealed he still gets a buzz from playing in front of a live audience with his All-Starr Band and he especially enjoys the rare occasions when he gets to reunite with former Fab Four member Paul.

He said: ''Nobody understands it (performing). This is what I do - I'm not an electrician. And when I started, the dream at 13 was to play, and only drums. I just really loves to play the drums. I love to entertain as well ... I still hang out with Paul. And when we play together it's still a thrill for me ... It's just like memory. Paul plays great. He's still the finest bass player, and he's lucky I'm the finest drummer!''