Sir Ringo Starr claims that eating broccoli and blueberries keeps him looking young.

The Beatles drummer will celebrate his 80th birthday on July 7 and he believes that his long-time vegetarian diet and penchant for that pairing of fruit and vegetable is what keeps him healthy and his appearance youthful.

In an interview with Rolling Stone to mark his milestone birthday, Ringo said: ''I am a vegetarian, I have broccoli with everything and blueberries every morning. I just do stuff that I feel is good for me.''

The music legend also has a home gym and he works out a minimum three days a week every week

Ringo explained: ''I've got a gym and I'm in there between three and six days a week.''

The 79-year-old musician adds that he is ''only 24'' mentally and he thinks that making music keeps him feeling like a young man.

Pointing to his head, Ringo said: ''Man, I'm only 24 in here. And I'm still doing what I love to do. I'm still in the music business.''

The 'Yellow Submarine' singer feels shocked to be reaching the landmark age and thinks it will be harder to come to to terms with being an octogenarian than it was hitting 70.

He said: ''Turning 80 is far out. It's like, 'What!' It's a difficult one, 70 was easy but this is totally different.''

The coronavirus pandemic has put Ringo's plans for a big birthday celebration on hold and he joked that he could just remain 79 this year.

He remarked: ''The celebration is going to be very small. We're going to pretend I'm still 79 and have a big celebration next year.''

Ringo also opened on how he misses his late Beatles bandmates John Lennon and George Harrison, although he is grateful to still have final Fab Four member Sir Paul McCartney in his life.

He said: ''I still miss those two boys, but I've still got my brother.''

Although he can't have a party, Ringo has announced a special livestream benefit show for his 80th birthday.

The rock star - who has held special 'Peace and Love' celebratory concerts to mark his birthday on July 7 for the past 12 years - is bringing together the likes of Sheryl Crow and McCartney for a star-studded home event.

'Ringo's Big Birthday Show' - which will raise money for Black Lives Matter Global Network, MusiCares, The David Lynch Foundation and WaterAid - will air on that date on his YouTube channel.