Supermodel Riley Keough is so horrified by her former step-father MICHAEL JACKSON's extensive plastic surgery - she's vowed never to go under the knife.

Elvis Presley's stunning granddaughter, Riley fears she would become addicted to cosmetic enhancements if she underwent surgery, and she doesn't want to look like the THRILLER star and other surgery fanatics in her native Los Angeles.

She says, "Plastic surgery is horrible and the problem is a lot worse in Los Angeles, where it's the norm. If it is really going to help you feel great about yourself to get your lips or breasts done then OK, but it's not good for you.

"It can turn into an addiction. If I got something done and I liked it, then maybe I'd want something else done. Where does it end? I know people who have work done at a very early age. It's depressing."

05/04/2005 14:26