Rihanna 's raunchy video has found itself fall foul of censors in France, after it was banned from day time TV by officials citing "self-destructive" behaviour as well as appearing in scenes of "pronounced suggestive" content. RiRi is no stranger to having her videos banned or censored; her suggestive video for 'S&M' was banned in more than 10 countries, whilst the singer has a growing reputation for her rock and roll lifestyle.
There perhaps shouldn't be a real surprise that the video, for single 'We Found Love', has been banned considering the making of it a couple of months ago saw the star constantly in the media for several acts of outlandish behaviour including going topless on set in Northern Ireland, and being snapped coming out a sex shop in Paris, not to mention having a short fling with dancer and amateur boxer Dudley O'Shaughnessy. It's O'Shaughnessy who stars alongside Rihanna in the 'We Found Love' video, and the promo sees the pair in a number of compromising positions, whilst the star is also seeing doing - among other things - smoking, shoplifting and being spanked.
Elsewhere Rihanna was in the UK this weekend performing on 'X Factor UK', wowing the judges and studio audience with a rendition of the song which is doing really rather well in Britain - holding on to the number one spot in the UK Charts.