Rihanna isn’t just suing Topshop because they used an image of her without her permission, but because she actually hates the picture in question. NOW we’re beginning to see where this lawsuit hold its roots.

“The base image of the first claimant (Rihanna) is of such an unflattering nature that it would not be approved,” read a section of the papers submitted by the singer. It goes onto claim that the pic - which showed RiRi wearing her hair in a bandana - was "poor" quality, adding that the "low-quality image and product that would not have been authorised by the first claimant". Rihanna is also annoyed at U.K law, which mean the photographer, rather than the person in the shot, owns the rights to the image. A source has opened up to The Mirror on the subject. “RiRi says it’s the principle. She believes they are taking advantage of artists, that it’s just exploitation and what they are doing is wrong."

RihannaRihanna performing in Florida

She might not be happy with the picture sold on clothes by Topshop, but she’s more than happy to post a picture of her almost-naked backside on one the biggest social networking sites in the world. The Instagram upload was accompanied by the caption: "and that's a #WRAP !!!!! #pouritupvideoshoot," before being quickly deleted. It’s been rumoured that she posed it to impress her now off, on-again-off-again ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

RihannaRihanna rarely wears many clothes