Rihanna wants Chris Brown to completely end his relationship with Karrueche Tran.

The 24-year-old 'Stay' singer has reportedly told her 23-year-old on-again/off-again boyfriend that she won't put up with him continuing to see his model ex-girlfriend behind her back.

A source close the Rihanna told HollywoodLife.com: ''Rihanna's trying to lay it down hard and she's turning the tables on him.''

The 'Turn Up The Music' singer is said to have agreed and is already trying to do little things like clean Rihanna's car while she was away recently to let her know he wants to live in domestic bliss with her.

The insider said: ''He picked up her car, drove it to his house while the homie drove him there and followed him back in his car -- just so he could have it detailed and clean for when she gets back.

''He went to her crib and turned on lights and set her alarm. Little stuff like that. Ri can hire people for all that, but he wants to do it for her. He in it 100 percent right now.

''He knows Ri doesn't care about all the extras. He knows that it's that small s**t that make her crazy. That small stuff that she wouldn't expect.''

Chris - who reportedly wants to perform with the 'Diamonds' singer at the Grammys next month despite still being on probation for beating her at a pre-party for the awards show in 2009 - is also said to have told Karrueche that he plans to do everything Rihanna wants.

The source said: ''(Chris) told Karrueche it's done and he can't kick it with her anymore. It's done, no more. He doesn't want s**t to do with her. I mean, he likes her and all, but if he's trying to be serious with Rihanna, he knows it's got to be over.

''He basically told her that he's cool on her a** right now, that he's trying to focus on Rihanna and he needs his space. Chris and KT are always going to have that special connection, but Rihanna's got him right now and he's into her. He's always been into her -- it's just now he's making her number one. Ri is number one right now.''