In the latest Rihanna news, the pop superstar has detailed her plans to combat the AIDS epidemic by launching a new line of lipstick for her make-up brand of choice, MAC Cosmetics. The 25 year-old singer announced her charitable plans and explained her motives in an interview with ABC's Good Morning America.

Rihanna Has Unveiled Her Philanthropic Plans To Combat The Spread Of AIDS.

The American Music Awards' first ever 'Icon Award' recipient was humble in her latest achievement, winning the Best Urban Contemporary Album for Unapologetic. "It was quite emotional [...] I was in shock, I'm excited. It's a good feeling to be that excited at this point in my career," Rihanna smiled.

The conversation soon moved on to talking about Rihanna's exciting new philanthropic project that she's launching in collaboration with MAC. "I'm extending my role with MAC from creative partner to philanthropic partner with the Viva Glam campaign."

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"It's an iconic campaign that's been around for a few years [...] buying the lipstick really is the most important part of this because a hundred percent of every penny you spend on the lipstick or the lip-glass goes to the MAC AIDS Fund," she added.

"[The MAC AIDS Fund has] already raised 325 million dollars," marvelled host Robin Roberts but Rihanna explained the task was not yet accomplished. "Yes, our goal was to raise forty million dollars with the Viva Glam Rihanna campaign and the MAC AIDS Fund will be donating a two million dollar grant to UN AIDS [...] a global organisation which focusses on youth prevention of HIV and AIDS."

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The Singer Said That Fans Can Directly Impact The Campaign By Buying The Lipstick.

"The youth are a little more naïve to the reality of the disease and [...] how much of an epidemic it is amongst young people [...] it's really scary, it's around," explained the 'S&M' singer.

"What's a lip-glass?" asked Roberts. "It's like a lipgloss but really thick," Rihanna said, admitting that she was modelling one of the shades on 'GMA.' "It sits right on top of the lipstick and has a really good shimmer [...] it doesn't run."

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The AMAs Icon Said That There's Still More She'd Like To Accomplish.

Of her recent AMAs Icon win at the age of just 25, Rihanna said "It is a very surreal feeling, it's almost like I can't touch it [...] it was one of those moments where I felt like I was dreaming."

"'Icon' is such a big title [...] now the pressure's on to live up to that," she vowed.