Rihanna marked her 27th birthday on Friday (20Feb15) by partying with stars including LEONARDO DiCaprio, Sir Mick Jagger and Paris Hilton.

The pop star celebrated her big day by throwing a lavish bash at the home of businessman Jim Goldstein in Los Angeles, and the guest list also included Jim Carrey, Bill Murray and Naomi Campbell, according to People.com.

Rihanna also shared her feelings about turning 27 in a post on her Instagram.com page, writing, "27 years ago, my mother gave birth to her very first child at the tender age of 27. Life is never a piece of birthday cake, but I feel special that I was chosen by my Father in Heaven to make it here! And each year that goes by I am more grateful! Every day we wake up, means we get another chance at life... to live what we've learned and to discover even more, to be good to other people and to know that you are a part of their smile! I cherish these days, and I pray that God will spare my life to see many more! #Feb20."