Can we talk about Rihanna and Blue Ivy at the Grammys for a second? You’ve probably already seen the pictures and if not, kudos to you for managing to avoid them for so long. Now go and look at the adorableness that were those two in their matching pink outfits.

Rihanna and Blue Ivy basically had a backstage tea party, sans tea.

Rihanna rocked a massive, little girl-tea party style Giambattista Valli gown, which took up three seats and was visible from the arena’s overhead cameras. That’s how you rock the Grammys right there.

Intentionally or not, Ri’s gown matched Blue Ivy’s baby pink dress, so when the two had a moment backstage, it was pretty much the most perfect photo-op to ever fall in any photographer’s lap. Blue Ivy was there as mum Beyonce’s mascot, reportedly gracing the centre of her pre-show prayer circle.

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E! News reports: "About an hour before the Grammys officially kicked off, Beyoncé did a prayer circle backstage with her background dancers and singers, and her daughter was in the middle of that prayer circle, helping mama get ready for another eventful night."

But of course she had some luck left for Rihanna, who took a moment out of her pre-show prep to hug Blue. If it was for luck, it clearly worked because RiRi went on to rock her FourFiveSeconds performance alongside Paul McCartney and Kanye West later on in the night.