Parrots really are amazing creatures that, apparently, can be trained to mimic almost anything. As proof of that, a video has gone viral featuring someone's pet parrot singing along to Eminem and Rihanna's 2013 hit single 'The Monster' - and it's absolutely flawless.

RihannaRihanna inspires parrot to sing

The adorable green avian was filmed singing Rihanna's part in 'The Monster', and somebody (it is not clear whether or not it is the bird's owner) slid the clip into the original music video alongside Eminem's rap. The parrot got the famous RiRi warble on point, sometimes sounding scarily like the Barbadian beauty. 

'I replaced Rihanna as much as I could with this parrot', said the person who uploaded the video. The clip originally surfaced as a stand-alone video last year, but we can understand why someone might have wanted to bring it back to public attention.

'The Monster', which featured on Eminem's album 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2', was the rapper's first number one single since 2010's 'Love The Way You Lie'; his very first collaboration with Rihanna. A multi-Platinum sensation, it was co-written by Eminem, Jon Bellion and Bebe Rexha, and produced by Frequency and Aalias.

This cover version is definitely our favourite though. It's almost as good as that viral clip of a parrot singing Drowning Pool's debut hit 'Bodies' (sometimes known as 'Let The Bodies Hit The Floor'). Almost. If you haven't seen that, your life is not yet complete.

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It's also reminiscent of Echo; a Double yellow-headed Amazon from Wisconsin's Animal Gardens who impressed the judges on season 6 of 'America's Got Talent' back in 2011 with a rendition of 'Over The Rainbow', 'Old Macdonald' and others.

In fact, the internet is full of various domesticated parrots crooning popular songs; in just one quick search you can watch our feathered friends doing Sia's 'Chandelier', the theme tune to 'SpongeBob SquarePants' and an operatic aria.