Rihanna’s new single ‘Diamonds’ has debuted online. The track is the first to be released from her next album, which is expected to land in November and will most likely have everyone wondering whether or not the track is about her relationship with Chris Brown. It’s frustratingly ambiguous but the lyrics could well be applicable to her and Chris, as she sings “Find light in the beautiful sea/ I chose to be happy/ You and I, you and I/ We're like diamonds in the sky” and in the chorus: “So shine bright tonight, you and I/ We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky/ Eye to eye, so alive/ We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky." Could she be singing about Chris?

It’s a pretty laid-back track, by Rihanna standards and she told radio DJ Elvis Duran “It gives me such a great feeling when I listen to it… The lyrics are very hopeful and positive, but it's about love, and the gears are a little different from what people would expect. I'm excited to surprise them sonically." ‘Diamonds’ sees Rihanna working with Stargate once more, who helped make a success of ‘Don’t Stop The Music,’ ‘Only Girl (In The World) and ‘Rude Boy.’

Rihanna has yet to confirm the details of the album release date or its title, though MTV News suggest that it may be called 7 Wonders. Her 2013 world tour will be named after this lead track.