A man caught trespassing on Rihanna’s Pacific Palisades estate claimed that he was emailed instructions on how to get in. According to Perez Hilton’s report, the sneaky offender was spotted wandering around, by neighbours who were suspicious of his presence (possibly because Rihanna is still away, most likely in Hawaii). The eagle-eyed neighbourhood watchers decided to confront the man and when they surmised that he most probably shouldn’t be lurking around Rhi-Rhi’s palatial pad, detained him until the police arrived.

The man was arrested and later told cops that someone had told him exactly how to break in. It’s unclear if he was intending to burgle the property or if he was just snooping around. Rihanna hasn’t commented on the incident on her Twitter page, though. Instead, she’s been busy congratulating Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose on the birth of their baby.

It’s a shame for Rihanna that she didn’t have LL Cool J house-sitting for her whilst she was away on holiday. Mr J discovered an intruder in his house last year and instantly put paid to that little situation, by knocking the guy out, breaking his ribs and his jaw, in the process. We’re betting that guy regretted the day he decided to embark on a spot of celebrity intruding. In fact, we imagine Rihanna’s nosey offender is starting to wish he’d never received that email that compelled him to break into the Unapologetic star’s place, too. 


Rihanna, an intruder was caught out at her home