Review of A Girl Like Me Album by Rihanna

A Girl Like Me
Album Review

Rihanna A Girl Like Me Album

The Barbados born mini superstar is back to rule the summer once more. After her debut single 'Pon De Replay', you knew Rihanna had to come back with a beat better than before and she didn't let anyone down. 'A Girl Like Me' sees Rihanna breaking away from her reggae/dancehall beats and delving more into R&B waters. Obviously kicking off the album with SOS Rhianna grabs your attention with that infectious 80's hook. Second track, Kisses Don't Lie, has a real catchy chorus and repetitious beat yet the second single from the album is Unfaithful, a dramatic tempo turn for the queen of 'make you wanna dance songs', the ballad is poor, the vocals sound horsey and the lyrics are just too hard to relate to for any person of her age. This also goes for the other two ballads on the album. Joining with Sean Paul lifts the declining album at the right point to get you back into it in time, the hottest dancehall act of the moment does what he does best and vibrates your body whether your standing or sitting and puts Rihanna back on track to what your used to her doing, this has to be a single off of the album! A few of the mid-tempo tracks like Selfish Girl and We Ride have the 'teen music sound' but are still are melodic enough to have you tapping along.

Again the album doesn't contain any songs that match Pon De Replay or SOS, but more mid-tempo tracks and ballads are on show. The album also includes If It's Lovin' That You Want and Pon De Replay, yet it can't save the teen pop wannabes soulful R&B toned album.

Jazzily Bass 2/5

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