Rumour has it that Disney's forthcoming Arthurian movie 'The Merlin Saga' could receive the Ridley Scott treatment as it's alleged that he's signed on to direct it, while his production company may also be on board to produce. Both Disney and Ridley are yet to confirm.

Ridley Scott at the DGA AwardsRidley Scott at the DGA Awards

Could 'The Merlin Saga' be next on Ridley Scott's list? Last year he launched two big movies - 'All the Money in the World' and 'Alien: Covenant' - and he's set to start work on the latter's sequel and the upcoming historical drama 'Battle of Britain'. But there's still plenty of time to unite with Disney for their exciting new project.

Currently confirmed among the crew at producer Gil Netter ('Life of Pi', 'The Shack') and screenwriter Philippa Boyens ('The Lord of the Rings', 'King Kong'). The movie will be based on the best-selling books by T.A. Barron which included the series 'The Lost Years of Merlin', 'Merlin's Dragon' and 'The Great Tree of Avalon'. The story follows the origins of Merlin; the great wizard who would one day grow up to be the mentor of the future King Arthur.

Meanwhile, Disney are also working on a live-action remake of 1963's 'The Sword in the Stone'; a tale about the ancient Merlin taking the orphaned Arthur under his wing and trying to teach him magic, only for his true destiny to be revealed by Excalibur itself.

Last year saw the release of Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword', while past Arthurian titles have included Antoine Fuqua's 'King Arthur' starring Keira Knightley, the popular British TV series 'Merlin' and the 90s mini-series of the same name starring Helena Bonham Carter and Sam Neill.

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No information has yet been leaked regarded who may be cast in the new movie, but if it's starting from the beginning of Merlin's life we can expect a youn up-and-coming star for the lead role.