Nearly twenty years ago Andy Bell and Mark Gardener were moving into different musical directions leading the end of Ride. The band had split up and members moved their separate ways, but fast forward to 14th October 2015 and Ride are ready to enter the stage at Rock City Nottingham after what so far has been a successful reunion.


Ride take to the main stage at the early time of 19:30 (damn those club nights) Mark Gardener introducing the band saying "Good evening, we are Ride, supporting Ride" strange you may think but instead of having a traditional tour support they've decided to play two sets, one with some old favourites and then returning playing their debut album 'Nowhere' from start to finish. The crowd are excited to see Ride with one guy saying "I've waited twenty years for this moment"

So the first part of the evening is compiled with hits from the bands 2nd album and back catalogue, filling the first part of the set with seven songs. Although a great little set on paper things just didn't seem to sound right - though it was great to hear tracks like 'Like A Daydream', 'Unfamiliar' and 'Mouse Trap'.

Now the four come back on stage refreshed and ready, this is the part everyone's been waiting for, the debut album from start to finish. Straight away when the band start playing 'Seagull' the noise seems to be cranked up, everyone is bouncing and everything seems perfect. With the projector beaming a 'Kaleidoscope' the scene is set and now the gig is in full swing. Just after listening to these two opening tracks I can go home a very happy customer.

'Paralysed' leaves the audience with the hairs on the back of their necks on end as Andy Bell delivers a chilling vocal performance, shame he never took his sunglasses off during the whole set. "Where's the sun mate?" Joking aside this second half of Ride's night is just exceptional, everything falls into place at the same time. 'Nowhere' is not only a great song to be the title track but it also sums up the album and what this band are about.

A final return onto the Rock City stage 'Drive Blind' has to be one of the highlights of the night starting nice and melodic but as the song goes on it's like My Bloody Valentine 'Holocaust' esque madness. Strobe lights, noise, noise and more noise. After the madness the song winds back to normality and all you can see around you is sweat filled faces everywhere you turn. 8 minutes of pure brilliance. Just leaves you buzzing. The end of the night is finished up with 'Chelsea Girl'.

Maybe it was all a ploy with the first part of the set, using it more like a sound check to get everything perfect for the main event. Maybe it was just a few sound issues to start with, whichever way it was it certainly all worked out for the main event. Now the question on everyone's lips is not "will Oasis make a reunion" but "is there going to be any new material to come from Ride?"

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