Northern Soul, Elaine Constantine's new British film about the dance culture that swept across the north of England in the 1970s, will be released on October 17. It features an intriguing and talented cast including newcomer Elliot James Langdridge, musician Lisa Stansfield and veteran Ricky Tomlinson, as well as cameos from Steve Coogan and John Thompson.

Northern SoulElliot James Langdridge [L] and Ricky Tomlinson [R] in 'Northern Soul'

Constantine, a documentary filmmaker and photographer has a deep attachment with the scene, having got into it as a schoolgirl in Bury, Lancashire.

"It changed my life. I knew I wanted something different and wanted to belong to that special thing," she said.

"Most things that have represented Northern Soul in the media, whether documentary or fiction, have been an embarrassment for us," said she of wanting to make the movie, "I want to try and get people to understand how brilliant the music is and how amazing it was to be part of that world."

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The Northern Soul movement began in the late 1960s, with venues like the Wigan Casino becoming world famous for all-nighters where white, working class kids would listen to obscure soul records by black musicians. So determined was Constantine to recreate the authenticity of the scene that she set up dance clubs in Bolton and London four years ago to try out actors and extras.

Northern SoulElaine Constantine's 'Northern Soul'

The movie is certain to be a treat for music collectors too, with the official soundtrack featuring Edwin Starr, Shirley Ellis and The Salvadores set to be released on vinyl, as well as CD.

Stansfield has already described the move as a "northern Saturday Night Fever" while the filmmakers say: "Northern Soul intends to appeal to those generations of fans while attracting a modern audience who can relate to youth culture from another era. If you were there, you'll know. If you weren't there, you'll wish you had been."

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Watch the 'Northern Soul' trailer: