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15th October 2015

Tweet: "Bullying is for cowards. Of course I'm wearing purple today. Any shade of purple. #spiritday". Openly gay star Ricky Martin shows his support for anti-bullying movement Spirit Day on Thursday (14Oct15) by donning a purple T-shirt.

26th August 2015

Fact: Ricky Martin has edged closer to Enrique Iglesias' number one record on America's Latin Airplay Chart after landing his 15th chart-topper with La Mordidita. The Livin' La Vida Loca singer holds onto the number two spot on the list, but he's 12 number ones behind Iglesias, who leads with 27.

14th August 2015

Fact: Neil Patrick Harris has recruited Latino singer Ricky Martin to make a guest appearance on the former How I Met Your Mother star's new variety series, Best Time Ever. The pop star will be on hand to join in on a Livin' La Vida Loca singalong with a fan, and Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon is also set to make a cameo.

27th May 2015

Quote: "It is amazing. It gives me hope. We don't want more rights, we just want equal rights... (I) definitely (want to marry). For me that paper is important. I also love the romanticism behind it." Gay pop star Ricky Martin was thrilled by Ireland's recent vote in favour of legalising gay mariage.

12th February 2015

Fact: Latin superstar Ricky Martin's six-year-old twin sons, Matteo and Valentino, are trilingual. The youngsters speak English, Spanish, and French.

21st October 2014

Fact: Pop star Ricky Martin has become the first major Latin singer to release a music video via Twitter.com. On Monday (20Oct14), he debuted the promo for his new single Adios to nearly 11 million followers.

2nd July 2014

Quote: "Parenting has been nothing but a beautiful way of complementing my life. I'm only starting. I want a little girl!" Singer Ricky Martin would love to give his five-year-old twin boys Valentino and Matteo a little sister. The kids were born via a surrogate mother in 2008.

21st May 2014

Quote: "A fan threw a tampon at me while I was on stage... I mean it wasn't to me, but it was to the stage. I was like, 'Whoa! Is that...?'" Latin pop star Ricky Martin on the oddest thing a fan has ever thrown at him while performing.

25th April 2014

Fact: West Side Story actress Rita Moreno is set to be honoured with a lifetime achievement prize from U.S. magazine People En Espanol. Ricky Martin will present her with the accolade at a special ceremony next month (May14). It's the second big prize Moreno has picked up in 2014 - she was awarded the 50th Lifetime Achievement Award at the Screen Actors Guild prizegiving in January (14).

26th March 2014

Fact: Latin singer Ricky Martin and LMFAO star Redfoo are among the celebrities who will serve as guest judges on this season of America's ballroom competition series Dancing with the Stars.

4th March 2014

Fact: Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin get steamy in a music promo for Spanish language single Adrenalia. The pair features on the track by Puerto Rican rapper Wisin and show off their dancing skills in the video.

16th September 2013

Tweet: "Another mass shooting. So sad. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the victims of the NavyYardShooting." Singer Ricky Martin expresses his sadness at the Monday morning (16Sep13) tragedy at the U.S. Naval Yard in Washington, D.C. The rampage left at least 13 people dead, including one gunman, identified as Aaron Alexis, and several others injured.

18th April 2013

Tweet: "Great dose of Broadway last night. Kinky Boots amazing talent! Congrats to the whole company!" Ricky Martin enjoyed a trip to the New York theatre district on Wednesday night (17Apr13) to see Cyndi Lauper's new musical.

28th February 2013

Fact: One Republic star Ryan Tedder is heading Down Under to join the star-studded panel of Australian Tv talent show The Voice. The singer-songwriter will be among the guest mentors who work with regulars Delta Goodrem, Ricky Martin, Seal and Joel Madden.

27th February 2013

Tweet: "7 weeks on a vegetarian diet! I feel amazing! No fish no red meat no chicken." Ricky Martin is reaping the benefits of his new diet.

29th January 2013

Fact: Ricky Martin, who is a new judge on the Australian version of The Voice, has an extra special connection to the country as the woman who carried his surrogate twins hails from Down Under. The singer moves to Australia with his sons this month (Jan13) to begin work on the Tv talent show.

2nd December 2012

Quote: "I think it's time to write about things that I've been through with my kids that I'm sure many daddys out there will understand." Gay Latin superstar Ricky Martin is set to pen a new novel about his life as a parent to four-year-old twins Matteo and Valentino. The book is slated for a summer 2013 release.

27th November 2012

Fact: Singer Ricky Martin has announced he is to take his final bow in Broadway's Evita in January (13). The Puerto Rican pop star has spent nine months in the role of narrator Che.

7th November 2012

Tweet: "Everyone get to those polls! If there's (sic) line, stay in it! You will be allowed to vote." Ricky Martin urges his American fans to register their vote - even if it involves a long wait.

30th July 2012

Fact: Ricky Martin is set to return to TV after the success of his recent stint on Glee after signing a development deal with NBC network bosses. The Latino hunk, who has been wowing Broadway in Evita in recent months, is slated to star in one of the projects he has in development, according to reports.

10th May 2012

Tweet: "I applaud President barack obama for affirming that All Americans should enjoy equal rights. Historic!" Gay singer/actor Ricky Martin celebrates the U.S. leader for publicly endorsing same-sex marriage.

22nd March 2012

Quote: "I've slept with women and I've fallen in love with them and I've felt wonderful things. There was love, passion. I don't regret anything, any of the relationships I've lived, they taught me a lot, both men and women equally." Gay singer Ricky Martin on his past relationships with women.

13th March 2012

Quote: "I was begging for the energy of the audience, and that's what we got tonight. It was a beautiful evening." Latin pop star Ricky Martin was given a big boost from his fans as he hit the Broadway stage for the first previews of Evita on Monday night (12Mar12).

17th February 2012

Quote: "I cancelled a show once to be with someone that I loved. I had one day. I thought, 'You live in another country. I live in another country. This is incredible and I feel amazing.' My manager came up with some excuse. It was the most expensive date I've ever been on. But hey, that was a very beautiful day." Singer Ricky Martin admits he's a hopeless romantic.

6th January 2012

Fact: Ricky Martin has confirmed his guest spot on Glee by posting a photo of himself with the cast on Twitter.com with the note, "First Day!" The singer will play a Spanish teacher on the hit series.

6th January 2012

Tweet: "So much fun on set with Ricky! He's seriously the sweetest and such a great fit for our show!" Lea Michele raves about Glee's latest guest star Ricky Martin, who has been filming scenes this week (begs02Jan12) for a special Latino-themed episode.

23rd December 2011

Tweet: "This Xmas I'm giving away crafts made by puertorican (sic) artists. The problem is I want to keep them all hehe." Latin pop star Ricky Martin is gifting his friends and family with pieces of art.

1st December 2011

Tweet: "I hear MCKinley high has an opening for a Spanish teacher... Maybe I'll apply." Ricky Martin fuels rumours he's set to appear on hit TV musical Glee.

4th November 2011

Fact: Latin stars Ricky Martin and Benicio Del Toro have been granted citizenship in Spain. A government spokesman announced on Friday (04Nov11) that the two U.S. citizens were being recognised for their artistic talents.

15th August 2011

Quote: "My boyfriend is very sexy, very smart, very compassionate, but the most important thing, he loves my children. It's very beautiful... I'm very happy." Ricky Martin on his partner, financier Carlos Gonzalez.

12th August 2011

Quote: "I wish I could come out again. It just felt great. It felt beautiful... It felt like a high-five with God." Ricky Martin on his decision to reveal all about his sexuality.

25th July 2011

Fact: Rapper Nicki Minaj and Livin' La Vida Loca hitmaker Ricky Martin have signed on as the new faces of Mac cosmetics. The stars are set to front the 2012 promos for the beauty company's Viva Glam campaign, which will premiere in February (12).

21st March 2011

Quote: "They're ready. Grandma is coming with us. It's going to be a very interesting tour." Singer Ricky Martin is taking his twin sons Matteo and Valentino, and their grandmother, with him on his next tour.

5th February 2011

Quote: "They're a little hurricane in my house. At seven o'clock in the morning, there's a party going on." Ricky Martin on his high-energy baby twins.

2nd February 2011

Quote: "It would be an honour to be part of that." Ricky Martin is waiting for an invitation to appear on Glee.

25th November 2010

Fact: Ricky Martin, Julianne Moore, the Scissor Sisters, Glee star Chris Colfer and country star Chely Wright have been named among the gay icons making up the 16th annual Out magazine 100.

3rd November 2010

Quote: "They have passports already. They're coming with me on the road." Ricky Martin plans to take his two-year-old twins on tour with him.

2nd November 2010

Fact: Ricky Martin and Joss Stone have recorded a new duet, called The Best Thing About Me Is You.

2nd September 2010

Tweet: "Great vibes and positive thoughts to Michael Douglas and his family." Ricky Martin reaches out to the actor following his throat cancer diagnosis.

2nd September 2010

Tweet: "I don't regret anything cause it's exactly what i wanted at one time." Ricky Martin has no regrets.

22nd April 2010

Quote: "I think he's physically one of the most gorgeous human beings I've ever seen in my life, and spiritually his soul matches his body." ROSIE O'DONNELL salutes Ricky Martin following his decision to 'come out' as a homosexual.

20th November 2009

Quote: "They're 16-month-old beautiful boys. They're healthy and surrounded by love. I learn something from them every day." Ricky Martin on his twin sons, Valentino and Matteo.

11th December 2008

Quote: "VALENTINO loves to sleep. I call him Mr. Peace and Love because he's so chill and serene. MATTEO is more alert and active. He was up at 3am the other night and just hanging!" Ricky Martin on becoming a dad to surrogate twin boys.

10th December 2008

Quote: "I love to read books to my sons and tell them stories. I play music for them so they develop their own personalities. I want to give them information and raise them with honesty and love, and give them self-esteem and a lot of acceptance." Ricky Martin on his twin baby sons who he fathered through a surrogate mother.

2nd August 2007

Quote: "My biggest weakness is sleep. I have to sleep eight hours a day and drink lots and lots of coffee to be awake." Latino pop hunk Ricky Martin.

8th November 2006

Quote: "One day, I was dancing on my grandfather's balcony. I got hold of an aunt's hairbrush, pretended it was a mic and started singing in front of everyone." Latin star Ricky Martin admits his career began with hairbrush serenades.

28th October 2006

Fact: LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA singer Ricky Martin will become the youngest Latin Recording Academy Person of The Year honoree when he claims the prize in New York next Wednesday (01NOV06).

28th August 2006

Fact: CHANNING TATUM, the star of hit dance movie STEP UP, was an extra in Ricky Martin's SHE BANGS music video.

18th August 2006

Fact: Ricky Martin will be honoured as the 2006 Latin Recording Academy Person of The Year at a pre Latin Grammy Awards gala in New York City.

4th January 2006

Fact: <p>Avril Lavigne, Lou Reed, Ricky Martin and opera star Andrea Bocelli are among the eclectic acts set to perform at the 2006 winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy next month (11-25FEB06). The shows will take place after each medal award ceremony at the Royal Palace in Piazza Castello. </p>

23rd December 2005

Fact: <p>Ricky Martin is dreaming of a fast Christmas - he wants a Harley Davidson Fat Boy motorbike. </p>

26th November 2005

Quote: <p>"I don't have a problem with plastic surgery. I think eventually I will go there." Latino pop star Ricky Martin. </p>

17th October 2005

Quote: <p>"I always laugh at people falling over in the street. I'm not proud of that, but it's stronger than me. I see someone fall over, I burst out laughing, but then I'll help them up." Latino heartthrob Ricky Martin reveals his dark side. </p>

13th October 2005

Fact: <p>Ricky Martin fought the pain of a three-and-a-half hour tattoo on his left shoulder by meditating. </p>

30th August 2005

Quote: <p>"If I really look at whether I've ever really been in love, I guess I've been in love only with my career." Ricky Martin has sacrificed a lot to get where he is. </p>

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