After coming out, then going off the radar for some time, we finally have news of Ricky Martin again – the Puerto Rico-born singer is joining the line-up of Simon Cowell’s latest talent show project, La Banda.

Ricky Martin
Cowell's new project is close to Martin's heart.

At this point you might be wondering, wtf is La Banda? The point of the upcoming competition show is to to assemble a new Latino boy band, consisting of males over 14 years of age, a sort of Latino One Direction, if you will.

And who better to pick out the young hopefuls than Martin, himself the product of a boy band project? Ricky got his start at age 12 in the boy band Menudo, so he probably knows what he’s doing. The 45-year-old singer comes on board as judge and executive producer alongside Cowell.

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"I am very excited to be a part of this innovative program, together with Simon Cowell," the singer said in a press release Thursday, quoted here via AccessHollywood. "Our community needs musical projects in order to cultivate its talents; which is why I feel it's the perfect moment for a show like La Banda. There is so much talent to be discovered and I'm sure we'll find the next musical phenomenon with the help of not only the judges, but also the fans."

Well, you know what it means when Simon Cowell is on the case. Get your glitter pens ready, teenage girls, a new pop sensation may be in the works.