Singer Ricky Martin has every reason to cluck - bosses at an animal rights organisation have rescued a chicken in his name.

To honour his commitment to vegetarianism, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals activists have sent the Livin' La Vida Loca hitmaker a certificate with details of their latest victory - saving a bird named Olivia.

Spokeswoman Shakira Croce tells Wenn, "We are sponsoring Olivia in his name. Olivia was rescued by Florida's Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, where she is now thriving. She spends her days taking dust baths, roosting in trees, and relaxing in the sun."

Peta's executive vice-president Tracy Reiman adds, "Peta is delighted that Ricky is sharing with his millions of fans how incredible he feels as a vegetarian. He's not alone. People who go vegetarian boost their energy and cut their risk of heart disease, cancer, and obesity - and they help save animals like Olivia, too.

"Not all chickens are as lucky as Olivia. Chickens raised and killed for their flesh are bred to grow so large so fast that many become crippled from the weight of their massive upper bodies. They have their throats slit while they are still conscious, and many are scalded to death in defeathering tanks."

Olivia's rescue comes as Peta bosses prepare to celebrate their annual Meatout on the first day of spring (20Mar13).

Croce explains, "It began in 1985 and occurs every year on March 20, the first day of spring. It encourages people to see for themselves how easy, delicious, and healthful meat-free meals can be."