Ricky Gervais has secured the funding to make a movie based on 'The Office'.

The 53-year-old star - who co-wrote and directed the original TV series, in which he starred as David Brent - has confirmed that the documentary-style film will be titled 'Life on the Road' and claimed it will end up like ''[Martin] Scorsese shooting The Rolling Stones''.

He said: ''I'm so excited that the world will see what David Brent is up to now and where his future lies.

''This film delves much more into his private life than The Office ever did, and we really get to peel back the layers of this extraordinary, ordinary man.''

Since the first incarnation of 'The Office', which ran from 2001 until 2003, there have been numerous overseas spin-offs, including a hit US version on NBC.

Meanwhile, Gervais has reprised the role of David Brent for comedy appearances, as well as for a sell-out music tour in which he performed alongside his band Forgone Conclusion.

But following the conclusion of the show, Gervais and his co-writer, comedian Stephen Merchant, suggested they would not return to the characters.

Asked if there was any chance they'd make more episodes of the TV series, they previously said: ''We promise you we won't have any more good ideas.''